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Time: 9:31 Dragon 5 Solis

Setting: Vigil's Keep

Summary: The group returns victorious from Kal'Hirol, having defeated the golem and three brood mothers, with gold from Kal'Hirol's Treasury. Anders has obtained a darkspawn staff which appears to be Tainted. Sigrun decides to join the Wardens, and the group celebrates with drinks and songs, and Amell gets Anders a cat. That evening, Lord Bensley arrives at the Keep and begs Amell to save his daughter Eileen, who has been kidnapped by bandits. Anders volunteers to help. Amell uses blood magic to ensorcell the bandits and escape with Eileen without bloodshed. Once the group is at a safe distance, Anders casts a fire storm at Amell's urging. It is the first time he has killed anyone.

Characters: Anders, Amell, Sigrun, Oghren, Nathaniel, Mr. Wiggums (mention), Ser Pounce-a-Lot, Mistress Woolsey, Lord Edgar Bensley, Mosley, Lady Eileen Bensley, Compassion (mention)

Deviations From Canon: The first time Anders has killed anyone is unknown.