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Time: 9:31 Dragon 1 Solis

Setting: Kal'Hirol

Summary: Anders is attacked by a darkspawn, and grievously injured. Demons pour through the tear in the Veil, and Amell binds a demon with blood magic. The group retreats so Anders can heal himself, and then continues. They encounter two talking darkspawn, who are revealed to be from two warring factions. One darkspawn kills the other with the aid of a massive molten golem, which severely burns Sigrun. Anders heals her, and in the ensuing fight a pride demon escapes through the tear in the Veil. Amell binds it with blood magic, and uses it to kill the golem.

Characters: Anders, Compassion (mention), Amell, Oghren, Nathaniel, Sigrun. The Lost, The Architect (mention), The Mother (mention)

TW: Graphic Depictions of Violence