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Time: 9:31 Dragon 1 Solis

Setting: Knotwood Hills

Summary: The wardens respond to a report from a hunting party, and search Knotwood Hills for signs of darkspawn. They locate Kal'Hirol, an old dwarven fortress, and join up with Sigrun, a soldier in the Legion of the Dead. Sigrun is forced to mercy kill Jukka, another Legionnaire, and becomes the last surviving member of her battalion. The group fights their way through Kal'Hirol, and discover a new type of darkspawn: Children. They enlist the help of one of Kal'Hirol's golems to fight them, but during a bloody battle, Anders is overcome and tears the Veil trying to defend himself.

Characters: Anders, Amell, Oghren, Nathaniel, Sigrun, Compassion (mention), Jukka, Rylock (mention)

Character Death: Jukka

TW: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Character Death, Mercy Kill