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Time: 9:31 Dragon 18 Ferventis

Setting: The Fade / Vigil's Keep

Summary: Anders talks to his spirit Compassion about his recent adventures, and awakens to heal more of the wounded. Anders, Oghren, and Mhairi gather in the Throne Room for the joining, and are interrupted by Nathaniel Howe requesting to Join as well. All four undergo the joining, but Mhairi dies. Anders awakens later, and Amell offers to teach him blood magic. Anders declines.

Characters: Anders, Ferrenly (mention), Compassion, Vigil Physician, Namaya (mention), Rylock (mention), Amell, Oghren, Mhairi, Seneschal Varel, Nathaniel Howe, Zevran (mention), Rendon Howe (mention)

Character Deaths: Mhairi

TW: Character Death

Deviations from Canon: The Warden oversees the Joining instead of Seneschal Varel. Nathaniel rejoins the group at the Joining instead of later.