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Time: 9:31 Dragon 17 Ferventis

Setting: Vigil's Keep

Summary: Anders battles darkspawn on his way through Vigil's Keep, rescuing Mistress Woolsey in the process. He rejoins Amell and Mhairi, who have joined up with a dwarf named Oghren. Amell kills a soldier named Roland, a friend of Mhairi's, and revives him as an undead soldier. The group kills the leader of the attack on the Vigil, who is revealed to be a talking darkspawn. They rescue Seneschal Varel in the process, and decide to do a final sweep of the Keep.

Characters: Anders, Amell, Mhairi, Oghren, Mistress Wooley, Seneschal Varel, Captain Garavel (mention)

TW: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Mercy Kill