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Time: 9:31 Dragon 17 Ferventis

Setting: In the Dungeons of Vigil's Keep

Summary: Anders awakens under-guard in the cells of Vigil's Keep, reminiscing a failed attempt to discover the location of his phylactery, which he believes has been relocated to Amaranthine. While eating breakfast, darkspawn attack the Vigil and kill both templars guarding Anders. He is discovered by Amell and Mhairi, two Grey Wardens who are in the process of clearing the Vigil of darkspawn. They free him and continue on their way. Anders contemplates leaving, but ultimately decides to stay and help.

Characters: Anders, Biff, Namaya (mention), Unnamed Initiate, Compassion (mention), Mhairi, Amell

Character Deaths: Biff, Unnamed Initiate

TW: Graphic Depictions of Violence and Decapitation.

Deviations from Canon: Anders and Karl are not romantically involved.